Textile industry - Türkiye : 

The textile industry in Turkey is very wide and varied including raw materials & fabrics, carpets, home textiles, technical textiles, ready-to-wear...

It occupies a central place in the Turkish economy with a turnover of USD 36.36 billion in 2021 and is considered as the driving force of the country's exports.

The sector's exports are mainly oriented towards the United States and European Union markets. Thanks to the customs union agreement with the EU of 1996, Turkey has been able to export to the EU market without quotas ever since. Privileged partner of the European Union, Turkey is home to many manufacturers aligned with international standards with the required quality certificates and labels (ISO, REACH, GOST, RCS, OCS, OEKO TEX...).

Turkey is positioning itself as a production hub, particularly for ready-to-wear and clothing. Many international fast fashion brands have their own manufacturing sites or industrial suppliers there.

The textile industry as a whole nevertheless faces major challenges making competition increasingly tough: energy and raw material dependence, increase in the cost of local labor, environmental and sustainability issues... After 2007, facing China, Turkey chose not to compete on price, but by producing products with high added value.

In order to stand out in this competitive environment, Turkish companies seek to invest in R&D and export their brand image.

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