The transport-logistics sector in Turkey

At the crossroads of three continents, Turkey plays an increasing role in international trade. Already acting as an energy corridor between Europe and its neighbors, it now intends to assert itself as a regional logistics hub.

The Turkish transport and logistics sector benefits in particular from the current international situation with the rise of energy prices as well as the extension of transport times from Asia, which have led to a refocusing on Turkey of companies exporting to European markets.

Today, major logistics companies are already established in Turkey where they serve many neighboring markets (DHL, Amazon, UPS and CMA CGM).

To achieve its growth objectives in the sector, Turkey intends to attract more investment, at the same time reduce logistics costs and increase the maturity of its transport network.

To this end, the Turkish state is conducting a very active policy in terms of major works and megaprojects in order to develop existing transport infrastructure. Investments in transport must reach USD 200 billion by 2053.

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