Plastic industry - Türkiye : 

With 2.7% of the world share, Turkey is positioned as the 2nd European producer (after Germany) and 6th global producer of finished plastic products.

Plastic is one of the country's driving industries which shows growth higher than that of GDP and a historically surplus balance.

The production of finished plastic products represented 10.5 million tonnes in volume or 44.2 billion USD in value in 2022, a record year despite economic challenges.

A large part of the production is intended for the local market: 8.5 million tonnes or 80% of production.

The sector, however, remains highly dependent on plastic raw materials: 89% of its needs are covered by imports. At the same time, the sector is facing major challenges: currency depreciation, global inflation, customer markets in recession, etc.

To achieve this, the plastics industry must focus on the export of value-added products and rely on the country's strategic position as a supply hub.

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