Tailored operational solutions

To evaluate the potential, validate the feasibility of your project, define the penetration strategy and your local business action, we bring our multi sectoral competence in market intelligence.


To analyse the feasibility of your project

We provide tailor-made and comprehensive ecosystem analyses to define your growth opportunities and prepare your go-to market strategy on the Turkish market.


To deepen your market knowledge

According to your specific need, we conduct targeted and tailored market analyses : competitive benchmark, feasibility, notoriety, solvency...


To evaluate the accessibility

Thanks to our highly qualified network of experts in customs and administration, we analyse and identify the obstacles and supports at market entry (taxes, authorizations, incentives, subsidies...).

The study is systematically carried out with strategic and practical advice to penetrate the Turkish market in an efficient and sustainable way.

Lodi Group

With a professional team which is involved, Advantis has become our trusted partner in Turkey and has enable us to completely correct and redirect our approach to the Turkish market thanks to a strategic analysis of the sector and a detailed benchmark linked to our international development policy.

Facilitate your expansion strategy by partnering with the best and right associate (agent, distributor, importer...).


Todefine the ideal profile

Byvaluing your requirements and our experience, we define together theideal profile of your business partner in Turkey : agent,distributor, importer, integrator...


Tofind the interested and interesting partner

Weidentify potential partners in an exhaustive manner, we validatetheir interest and qualify their profile according to definedcriteria's using specific tools and methods.


Tovalidate your choice

Inorder to choose among interesting profiles, we organize yourappointments and assist you during your meetings with potentialcustomers, partners, interlocutors for cultural and strategic supportin negotiation.


Tosecure your partnership

Fromnotoriety to solvency analysis, we realise necessary complementarystudies to minimise the risks and sustain your partnership.

Double D - Adidas

Advantis gave us full satisfaction in our project to find a distributor partner in the sportswear sector on the Turkish market. We greatly appreciated the added value brought by Advantis to our local development and to the sustainability of our activity in Turkey.

Entering a new market doesn’t require to establish a subsidiary or to dedicate a full-time resource ; that’s why we become your sales force, in a temporary or permanent basis, to be as close as possible to your customers.


To increase your visibility and your sales

Reactivate old prospects, identify new sales leads... We help increasing your visibility and your sales opportunities. Each prospect is carefully qualified for a targeted commercial action, which will avoid you many business trips.


To optimise your time and energy

The presence of a local sales force allows to effectively monitor your daily actions and establish a privileged relationship with your customers and build a loyal network. Thanks to our knowledge of the local habits and customs, we avoid cultural or linguistic barriers in the sales strategy we conduct.


To sustain your presence

We establish a methodical follow-up and communicate you all the information related to the market without any delay and in all transparency allowing you to remain competitive.

Our French/Turkish bi-cultural and English speaking team, expert in negotiation, promotion and relationship is available for :

- Supporting your local or export team

- Realising prospection from scratch

- Managing an one-off action

Export Entreprises

We tried Turkey without Advantis: no success. Then we tried Turkey with Advantis: success. Thanks to a reactive, efficient and proactive team, Advantis offers an approach that is tailored to the local market and to the sector, which enabled us to achieve sales in 6 months.

We use our own infrastructure & locally-compliant employment contracts to hire your employee as an Employer of Record (EoR) so you can focus on running your business without any commercial structure cost.


To secure legally the situation of your employee

Work permits for expatriate employees on medium and long-term mission: Advantis offers a tailor-made service with complete management of the visa and work permit procedures with local hiring and contract of your non-Turkish nationality employee.


Todevelop position description and recruitment plan

Weadvise you on the best profiles and recruitment strategy (traditionalrecruitment and/or headhunting) in accordance with your expectationsand the local market.


Toensure the right selection

Weconduct phone interviews, video and physical meetings and provide ashort list of suitable applicants that allows you to select the bestcandidates.


Tooptimise your time and cost

Fromthe preparation of legal and social documents to monthly payrolldeclaration, we deal with all the administrative tasks and paperwork.


Toassist your employee

Wehelp your employee to focus on your business development byorganising his/her meetings, flights, visa applications, workpermits...


Toboost your employee's success and motivation

Weshare our experience and available resources with your employee toenforce his commercial actions in order to help him/her achievehis/her targets.


Advantis gives us full satisfaction to perform the mission of wage portage through the coaching and back office support of our 4 Turkish engineers for more than 5 years. The professional management of our employees by Advantis allows us to develop our exports to the Turkish market.

To sustain and secure the success of your investment, we pilot your operation with a turnkey management.


To guarantee your long term presence

Thanks to our highly qualified tax, accountancy and law experts, we analyse the pros and cons and define the best settlement type.


To define your catchment area and the best location

In order to guarantee your proximity to suppliers, customers while benefitting from tax and financial advantages, we analyse the ideal places to settle.


To ensure compliance with the rules

From the amendment of juridical status to getting the field-building exploitation permits, we pilot all your administrative procedures.


To optimise your budget

We analyse your rights and advantages and pilot the submission of demands for incentives and subsidies.


To sustain and facilitate your project

From the choice of suppliers to the recruitment of your employees, we always assist you and provide you with daily support.

Vegetal Solutions

We decided to invest in Turkey in 2013, with a blank page and a story to build. We found the rare bird, with reactivity, availability. The skills are truly transversal, legal, accounting, choice of local partners, analysis of competitors, etc. With a network and connections to save us time and avoid making wrong choices. Four years have passed and our collaboration is still as efficient as in the beginning. Today we can say that without this close collaboration and mutual trust, we would not be in Turkey.

From screening to due diligence and from strategy analysis to negotiation, we support you in exclusivity and confidentiality.


To consolidate your strategy

We answer all your questions and needs about the Turkish market (tailor-made studies) in order to refine your external development strategy.


To define your target (buy or sell)

We identify, qualify and select together the target companies, introduce your project (teaser) and ensure confidentiality.


To audit your target

We realise the legal and organisational due diligence and pilot the financial operation with our external partners so as to valuate your target and put forward the possible synergies.


To close the deal

We assist you during negotiations to help you fully understand your target needs and expectations, we facilitate the relation to guarantee a successful and healthy deal.


To succeed in your post deal operation

We act as intercultural mediators to manage at best the post-merger transition and the establishment of the new structure.


We are completely satisfied of the project led by Advantis regarding our industrial establishment in Turkey, whether in its mission of wage portage of our Subsidiary Director for 1 year, and by the strategic support which was essential for our good understanding of our local partner in Istanbul and which ended with the acquisition of the partner company. The professional approach to our local operation and the added value of Advantis have helped to strengthen the sustainability of our activity on the Turkish market.

In order to optimise your costs, we manage the strategic alliances with Turkish suppliers from the RFQ to SOP phases within complex and multicultural matrix environments and thus secure your suppliers in Turkey.


To increase your visibility and your sales

Reactivate old prospects, identify new sales leads... We help increasing your visibility and your sales opportunities. Each prospect is carefully qualified for a targeted commercial action, which will avoid you many business trips.


To guarantee the best cost

We manage the RFQ procedure in order to guarantee the best cost and best subcontracting terms of purchase.


To master the quality and to guarantee your performance

From the implementation of the required quality system to the identification of process dysfunctions and areas of improvement, we assist your supplier in its skill-improvement (problem-solving working groups, writing of quality manual, procedures and standards, wastage management, dealing with non- conformities etc.).


To secure your purchases in the long-term

We provide our relational support in customs, logistics and legal areas in order to guarantee success of your first operation.

Mastered Standards : ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 (automotive), EN 9100 (aviation), EFQM (excellence)

Problem solving tools : Pareto, 5 W’s 2 H’s, Ishikawa diagram, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), PDCA, 8D, QRQC

Operational effectiveness : DMAIC & DCDV (6 Sigma)


With a very technical approach and its expertise in industrial processes, Advantis has been able to identify and qualify highly qualified subcontractors for very niche projects. From negotiation to contractual legal advices, from order tracking to load plans, Advantis has above all brought solutions and undeniable added value to our subcontracting needs in Turkey.

We respond to your specific need with a tailor-made analysis of your problem.

There is a solution for every specific need !

Your need may be confronted with specific problems related to the local market, the characteristics of your product or the legislation and regulatory specificities of the sector concerned. Defining a coherent strategy according to the rules of a market that you don't know the standards, the culture and the network remains difficult. Likewise, expand internationally, even with a good financial capacity and with the conviction that your technology is the best, may result in a failure.

Any internationalization project can face specific local barriers; therefore it is essential to have a good understanding and a perfect mastery of the rules in force.

Advantis is the partner to help you export and ensure your growth in Turkey

Advantis supports you in all dimensions of your project in Turkey, from the project to its realization. Our team provides deep knowledge of the environment, culture and customs of the economic players in Turkey and carries out actions according to the detected need. Our proven methodology and our extensive network allow you to quickly access key players in the private sectors (clusters, SME-ETI companies, large accounts...) as well as the public (regional administrations, public organizations, ministries...).

We offer you a concrete approach and we aim to provide pragmatic solutions adapted to the realities of the Turkish market.

Let us know your specific need and let's see together how to provide constructive solutions.

Air Liquide

Our collaboration with Advantis since 2008 has always gave us full satisfaction in the various missions entrusted while respecting the rules of ethics and compliance with the Sapin 2 law : industrial sourcing, support for commercial prospecting, management of tenders, management of large industrial accounts and strategic advice.