Since its creation, Advantis is committed to continuously improve and strives to establish a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy to reduce the negative impacts on the environment on its own scale and to create a pleasant working environment for all employees.

Our objective: Contribute to sustainable growth while protecting the environment by seeking to set an example in all our actions.

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we want to make our roadmap a reality by sharing our commitments with all our dear customers, partners and collaborators and we remain open to suggestions in order to do better moving forward.

Our social and environmental policy is built on two main strategic axes and entails taking concrete actions every day to integrate economic, social and environmental performance.

Axis 1 - Well-being at work

One for all! All for one !

Since we spend the majority of our time at work, it is crucial for everyone’s well being that the working environment is respectful, fair and comfortable.

To improve daily quality of life, encourage dialogue and boost employee motivation, Advantis strives to implement practical and straightforward actions on a daily basis:

Health & safety first: we are committed with a health and safety organization and all our employees receive the necessary periodic training in this regard. Modern and ergonomic work tools are provided to ensure optimal comfort. The offices are equipped with required first aid supplies, and at least one team member has received first aid training.

Balance between private and professional life: at Advantis, we apply flexible working hours and hybrid working for many years. The company’s leave policy is founded on mutual trust and does not involve time consuming decision procedures. In addition to providing fixed annual leave, we honour each employees particular needs, upholding equality for all.

Inclusion and sharing: we celebrate our special dates and organize collective events to foster communication (New Years dinner, Ramadan celebrations, birthdays, annual meetings, welcome and farewell drinks, etc.). Economic sharing is also implemented: employees receive a share of the profits based on their contributions and a common pot is established for everyone.

Axis 2 – Environmental responsibilities

Little brooks make great rivers!

Contributing to sustainable growth cannot be done without taking into account the ecological issue.

Because every little actions count, Advantis encourages its coworkers to practice eco-responsibility every day by taking precise actions:

Reducing the carbon footprint: we strive to promote the circular and local economy and avoid motorized delivery. Employees get around on foot or by public transportation according to their place of living.

Zero waste: we favor fresh products and minimize the use of packaged goods (we do not consume single coffee capsules, tea bags, individually packaged drinks…). We reduce the use of paper by dematerializing files and tools (deliverable in digital format, electronic signature, electronic archiving, etc.). When printing is unavoidable, recycling becomes a must. Advantis also applies the recycling of glass, plastic and batteries.